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Keystone RV Factory Tour

This week we took a group of us to the Keystone RV Factory in Pendleton OR. The Springdale travel trailer line is bult here as well as the Dutchman Coleman line as well! Enjoy the video I put together of the tour.

What a great experience it was to view who and how the trailers are built.

Springdale travel trailers have storage under the master bed for just the right amount of “extra“ storage space, and with the vaulted ceilings, you won’t have to worry about low ceilings being a problem. The powder coated I-Beam frame, Lion’s Head Nitro filled tires, and hurricane straps that reinforce the structure are just a few of the standards that you will get when you choose a Springdale model.

Coleman has been outfitting people’s passion for the great outdoors since 1900. Dutchman brings a full line of affordable Coleman travel trailers featuring upgraded interior amenities, upgraded furniture, residential grade flooring, and large holding tanks for extended use, just to name a few of the many features that come standard on Coleman.

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