Losing A Mentor And Friend

Few days ago I lost a friend and Mentor. I meet Jeremy when I first started selling RV’s. I just spoke with him last week we had just made plans to meet up soon ! He will be missed but never forget! RIP Messer

Every once in a while we meet someone who becomes a mentor and friend.

When we lose them it leaves a hole in our lives. It’s hardly a secret that as we get older, we know more people that die. But when a mentor dies, there is a unique kind of loss and heartbreak. We lose the future lessons we will not get to learn from them. Also we lose the person who saw in us the potential for more than we could see in ourselves. But most we lose a trusted and honest voice.

A few days ago I learned on of my mentors / friend passed away unexpectedly. Jeremy Messer was the kind of guy you just could not help but like. Jeremy was a honest, humble, and god loving man.

He always had a story to tell and he had a ton of them. His dad was a popular character actor in the 50’s through the 80’s. His mom was a famous opera singer. He enjoyed his home on the Mackenzie River and time spent with friends.

I was lucky to get to know Messer (That is what he liked to be called by friends) I was given the nickname “Ninja” he said one day to me ,”Kyle your like a Ninja!”,”you come in quiet with the customer and then when we all think oh the customer is not going to buy you some how sit the customer down and put the purchase order in from of them and the customer commits to the purchase.”.

The best way to honor your mentor is to pass on the knowledge and wisdom they gave to you. That way they live on through you and others.

Rest In Peace Professor Messer

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