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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

We have all heard that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Letting oneself get stressed out over the little things in life is one of the biggest ways to bring unnecessary grief into life’s path. Read more
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Do You Need Money To Be Happy?

As the saying goes, “Money can’t buy you happiness.” Or can it? Having a sufficient amount of money can certainly lower stress, but having an excess of it will not make you happier than anyone else.

So, can money buy you happiness or not? Here

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Your Invited

5 images and text were used to make this image.
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What’s Your Most Used Gif Response

Little Social Media Video I Made.

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Lewis and Clark Trail

The Turnaround at Seaside, Oregon, is designed as the official end of the Lewis and Clark Trail. In 1990, a bronze statue of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and Seaman,  was installed facing the ocean at the Read more
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How To Boost Your Business On Social Media

Can you see me?


Then that proves my point…

Social media is an incredibly effective resource for businesses (like my) to reach people (like you). 

Obviously, you can opt to pay for social media ads to increase Read more

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Media Connection Ad

Ad design I did for Media Connection.
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Since the flames were loud, they probably had to text.

When you realize there's someone else in the group chat... Read more
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Operation Prom Night Consequences Of Drinking And Driving…

The Junction City Fire Department started a program sixteen years ago to help high school students better understand the severity of drinking and driving. Read more
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Customer Testimonial Video

State Farm Agent Dave Zech shares how he likes to Advertise in the Oregon Northwest Community Connection Magazine

Video I shoot and edit.

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September 11, 2013 in Junction City Oregon

On September 11, 2013, in the morning, local businesswoman Debbie Fauble was upset to see only two flags flying in downtown Junction City. Determined to not let the events of September 11, 2001, slip from our minds, she began Read more

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BEHIND THE BADGE –What Is A DRE (Drug Recognition Expert)

JUNCTION CITY — Alcohol isn’t the only substance that causes people to drive recklessly. Prescriptions, illicit drugs, and even illnesses can impair a driver as well, making it tough for police officers to determine the cause of impairment. To Read more
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JC Shop With A Cop

December 15, 2012 – 14th annual shop with a cop event for the Junction City Police Department

This is a video I shot and edited for The Tribune News

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BEHIND THE BADGE – Coffee With The Cops

COBURG OR – At Coburg’s Coffee with the Cops, 20-year-old Cody Frye from Harrisburg, Oregon gave an eye-opening presentation about his personal struggle with alcohol and how it nearly took his life when he ‘blacked out’ while driving home Read more
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Behind The Badge – Probable Cause for DUI Arrest Part 1

Junction City Police Dept. Police Chief Mark Chase explains what probable cause for DUI arrest is. Read more
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Cash Mob Hits Hardware Store

JUNCTION CITY OR. – The Tri-County Chamber of Commerce first Cash Mob was held on November 15, 2012. Here is what happened.

This is a video shot and edited for The Tribune News.

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Behind The Badge – Probable Cause for DUI Arrest Part 2

JUNCTION CITY OR. - Probable cause is a key element in any DUI investigation. Police officers are required to follow proper protocol when stopping a vehicle--and that includes having probable cause for the stop. Read more
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HARRISBURG – Friday’s non-league match, the visiting Glide Wildcats

Originally posted September 14, 2012, HARRISBURG OR – In Friday’s non-league match, the visiting Glide Wildcats scored a 24-18 victory in overtime over the Harrisburg Eagles. The Eagles (1-1) will now prepare for their match against Scio.

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Young Man Hit by Amtrak Train

Originally Published September 8 2012 The Tribune News Junction City, OR – According to Sgt. Salsbury with the Junction City Police, a young man was hit and killed by an Amtrak train at approximately 8:30 pm tonight. He was Read more
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LCC Car Show

This is a video I shot and edited for The Tribune News Sep 3, 2012

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Junction City High School Football 2012

Junction City High School Football Coach Mark Henderson Talk About Upcoming Session

This is a video shot and edited for The Tribune News

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Sneek Peek To The Oregon Jamboree 2011

Each year, nearly 800 individuals sign up to volunteer at the Oregon Jamboree, taking time from work and time away from their families to help make the show a success.

A video clip I did for the Oregon Jamboree.

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2011 Oregon Jamboree Time-lapse

Time-lapse video of the 2011 Oregon Jamboree Country Music Festival. This was done with a DSLR camera set to shoot one frame for 90 seconds. This is a view of the festival grounds from setup day to teardown day.

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Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert performing to a packed venue in Sweet Home Oregon July 2010

Miranda Lambert  is an American country music singer and songwriter. She started out in early 2001 when she released her self-titled debut album independently. In Read more

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