UPDATE: Google Announces Listing Upgrades

If you are a local business and sell your services or products locally, you need to take a tip from the Yellow Pages.

(yes, the Yellow Pages – the once massive source of leads and opportunities for all local businesses.  Sounds crazy… but, hear me out on this…)

Not that long ago, I got two very slim looking yellow colored books dropped on my office’s front step.

I was confused because I thought these things disappeared long, long ago.  

Sure, people might still have one sitting on their shelf, or being used as a kid’s booster seat, but that’s about it.

When I opened the book, it was filled with tons of little ads for various businesses and a handful of FULL page ads.

It got me wondering…

I remember back in the day, sitting across from a smart looking yellow page ads sales person, carefully negotiating the size and prominence of my ad…

All the while, feeling guilty at the idea of spending money on it and wondering if this thing was going to actually bring me new business.

Back then, my small little ad seemed expensive to me.

But, I was still hopeful.

I can only wonder now, how much a FULL PAGE ad used to cost.

But now? 

Even the lowest possible price on a full page ad would hardly seem worth the money OR the effort.


If the Yellow Pages was willing to give me one of those ads for free, back then…

You can bet I would have jumped at the opportunity.

Wouldn’t you?

Well, here’s where this gets SERIOUS…


(as in, RIGHT NOW)

Google is giving every business in the world a FREE FULL PAGE COLOR AD.

And, it is every bit as effective as those old YP ads.

You see, in June of 2014 Google quietly launched “Google My Business.”

You’ve probably heard of it, or at least know what it does:

It’s one of the largest undertakings since the Yellow Pages to collect, categorize and distribute business listings.

But to simply call it a “business listing” is a massive understatement.

In the years since it’s launch, Google has been slowly expanding this listing service.

Chances are, Google has your

… Business name

… Phone number

… Website

And, maybe your hours of operation.

But did you know that there are 50+ more data points that they want from your business?

And, most businesses  have not taken the time to fill them out…

Also, most businesses have not OPTIMIZED their listing so that they stand out.

Those that have taken these actions get…

…an increase phone calls to their business

…a boost in exposure when people search terms that relate to their business 

…to grab local clients’ attention by increasing their Google Maps listings

…a chance to redirect Google users to their website

…and more!

I think it’s fair to say that this is even more than what a full page ad can do.

The BIGGEST mistake I see local businesses making is…

Assuming that they are fully maximizing their Google listing.

Chances are, if you’ve not logged into your listing within the last 60 days, you’re already behind the curve.

I’m bringing this to your attention not to create worry that a competitor might be better optimized than you…

But to create the awareness that there’s opportunity for you to capture this as well.

So, here’s what you need to do:

Our company has helped hundreds of local businesses take control of their and maximize their benefit from a Google listing.

And, now, I’m sharing that with you, for FREE.

You can download my 35 page guide to claiming, verifying and optimizing your business listing.  


I’ll give you a step by step video guide that you can use to follow along.

You can download it here:

Click Here To Get Your Free Guide

So, why am I giving this away for free?

You see, Google is giving away this exposure, and they want you to have the most complete and optimized profile possible.


It makes more people rely on Google for information, which is good for them.

But, while this process is pretty easy…

There are other online marketing strategies that take a lot more skill and experience.

My hope is that I can show you some easy things you can do right now to take control of  your business listing….

So, when you are looking for other ways to increase your customer activity online, you think of me.

That’s it!

So download the free guide here:

Click Here To Get Your Free Guide

While the yellow pages may not be here any longer, the opportunities that they provided still are.

This a new opportunity, and one that is with your reach.

And, it starts with this first step, contained in this guide:

Click Here To Get Your Free Guide

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